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Since 1989, AA Ménage Plus has been a force in the world of cleaning and maintenance of business premises in the Greater Montreal region.

A Multidisciplinary Team

The efficiency of AA Ménage Plus is based on effective management. The operational teams work closely with the logistics and business services. All requests from the customers and all decisions are immediately passed down the service chain. This highly organized work method allows us to offer our customers superior service with results that meet their expectations.

-Clinics / Hospitals
-Car Dealers

Innovation and Sustainability
The efficiency of AA Ménage Plus is also based on extensive knowledge acquired over several years of activity and a constant update of our equipment and work methods. All of our employees have extensive experience in their field and use only professional products and equipment.

For cleaning services from 1 to 7 times a week, periodically, or a one-time project

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2289 chemin Saint-Charles, Terrebonne (Qc) J6W 6E1

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